Although you may utilize our services only occasionally, the services of Wordwise Transcription are sure to have a long-term, measurable impact on the turnaround time of your workflow, as well as being a cost-effective solution for your company's transcription needs.  

With over 30 years combined experience encompassing the areas of legal, medical, investigative and general business, we transcribe numerous types of documents including, but not limited to:

  • Interview​s
  • Focus Groups
  • Legal Pleadings
  • Corporate / Financial
  • Conferences
  • ​Medical Transcription
  • Investigative Reports
  • Witness Statements
  • Seminars / Lectures / Speeches / Sermons
  • Academic / Research / Governmental
  • Videos, Webinars, Podcasts
  • You can also fax in legible, handwritten documents to be typed
  • Data entry services also available​